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BEAUTY AND THE BEACH is a glamorous designer swimwear line inspired by the travels of an Australian international model. Always having been crafty and creative, combined with her love of glamorous swimwear, what better business venture than to design her own customised label encompassing all her loves for other women to enjoy! Perfect for photoshoots, pageants and swimwear competitions, every piece is designed from scratch and handmade with only the finest quality materials and features.

With a limited run made of each style, you must be quick not to miss out! Ensure you stand out in the crowd and are the envy of your friends! You will be sure to find a beautiful swimsuit in our collection that will match your personality and suit your body style, but if you have any questions or recommendations, be sure to let us know!

By wearing one of our pieces, you will not only be sporting a gorgeous and unique swimsuit, you will be sharing an experience!

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